Triple Ring

In addition to her LJV Biotech work, Laura is an advisor to the In Vitro Technologies group at Triple Ring Technologies, an innovative engineering consulting firm serving the medtech, life science, defense and related industries.

Triple Ring’s roots are in medical instrumentation, with particular strengths in image-guided therapies, implantables, drug delivery systems, biophotonics and optics. The firm’s In Vitro Technologies group assists clients in the development of advanced laboratory instrumentation, in vitro testing products and clinical diagnostics.

Triple Ring was founded to assist clients in their successful pursuit of interesting and innovative products that span multiple disciplines. The firm excels in the development complex projects requiring the integration of multiple technologies, including those requiring FDA regulation. Triple Ring’s highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary teams readily move a client’s innovative idea from the “can work” idea phase to a new product that “will work” in the marketplace.

As technologies and healthcare systems continue to converge, life science endeavors require ever-greater access to the tools of engineering, analytics, optics, systems development, and more. Triple Ring provides this access.