LJV Biotech Services

LJV Biotech Ventures Consulting, Inc. offers qualitative and quantitative analysis of strategic options, early stage market research, competitive assessment, deal landscape analysis, term sheet development, potential partner reviews and introductions, preparation of roadshow collateral, and all related efforts critical for optimal business development outcomes. Recent questions posed to Laura have included:

On biz dev strategy …

  • Our syndicate is tired and in need of an exit. Do I need to partner my asset first then get my partner to buy us, or is there a better way? How do I drive to a high-value acquisition event?
  • Over the past several years have deal values been trending up or down? If we raise money and continue to invest to the next value inflection point, what might our deal look like then?
  • What kinds of alliances are truly available for our program, and which is best? An old-fashioned royalty-based outlicense, a product-based collaboration with a regional profit share, a broad platform-based collaboration, or … ?
  • What are the current 50th, 75th, and 90th percentile upfronts, early-stage milestones, and biobucks for an asset like mine? How can I achieve a 90th percentile alliance?

On partnering preparations …

  • The potential partners who meet with us are not grasping the mechanism nor value of our product. Would you rework our presentation to make the light bulbs go off over their heads?
  • Which of my potential partners have internal or in-licensed assets similar to ours? What about dissimilar, but for the same indication?
  • Beyond the global top 10, which bio/pharma companies are the best potential targets for us?

On alliance terms …

  • My board would like me to do a $100M upfront deal for this asset. How common are such deals, and what else is in them?
  • Our partner-to-be just agreed to co-promote with us in the US. What contractual details should we negotiate to guide this arrangement?
  • What royalty rate can I expect?
  • Please draft our term sheet, and help us determine what to negotiate now vs. leave to the contract. 

On portfolio strategy …

  • Our founder sees a new theoretical application for our core IP. Can you help our team identify and out-source a proof-of-concept experiment that, upon success, will be suitable to support funding or licensing of this field?
  • We have a cool drug delivery device and are working to determine what to put into it first. Can you have a look at these molecules and their potential indications, and give us guidance regarding their business potential?

On market estimates …

  • My scientists just announced they have a wonderfully efficacious molecule for an indication I’ve never heard of. Can you tell me how many patients suffer from this condition and how they’re currently treated, by my management team meeting tomorrow morning?
  • My boss is convinced this is a blockbuster opportunity. Can you help us understand current marketed products, and what’s ahead of us in the pipeline?
  • We’re preparing an orphan drug application and we need you to provide an in-depth review, with highly credible sources, that clearly demonstrates the accuracy of our market estimate.

LJV Biotech Ventures Consulting, Inc. services are available on a retained, hourly, part-time, or temporary full-time basis.